Waterslide Inspection, Repair, Maintenance

Waterslide Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair

Waterslide Maintenance

A comprehensive maintenance program is essential in order to ensure proper operation, and above all, safety for your guests.  Whether you are operating a large waterpark, a community swimming pool with waterslide, or a commercial property, waterslide maintenance will keep your equipment working properly and reduce overall operating costs.

Regular maintenance will include items such as worn gel coatings, extensive cleaning of the slide surface to remove deposits, and repairing any cracks. For enclosed slides we will clean both the inside and outside of the slide ensuring cleanliness and keeping it looking new.

Commercial Pool Waterslide installation, repair, maintenance
Water Slide install, repair, maintenence

Waterslide Inspections

When inspecting your waterslide Austin Carroll Pool Construction will look at the slide surface, joints, interior surface, exterior surface (enclosed waterslides),  pathways, stairwells, and decks.

Slide Surface – the sliding surface of the waterslide can be subject to water deposit buildup (calcium, lime, minerals) that, over time, can detract from the smooth ride experienced by guests.  In the case of exposed, outdoor slides the surface is also exposed to UV rays which can fade the fiberglass surface.  We will inspect the slide surface as part of our maintenance program and ensure the surface remains smooth and free of deposits.

Waterslide Inspections

Slide Joints – Austin Carroll Pool Construction will also inspect the slide joints as part of our regular maintenance service.  Fiberglass waterslides in Canada are subject to extreme heat and cold, causing the surface to expand and contract.  Over time this can cause misalignments, cracks, and/or chips.  We will inspect and repair slide joints to ensure a safe and comfortable ride for your guests.

Pathways, Stairwells, and Decks -The pathways leading to the slide need to be clean and safe (not slippery).  As your guests walk to the slide, up any stairs, and to the deck at the top of the slide, they need to arrive safely.  Over time the stairs and towers are exposed to the elements and can deteriorate.  Our inspections will look closely at stairs, towers, and decks to ensure any worn parts are replaced, and that your guests are always safe.

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