Public Swimming Pool Design & Construction

Indoor and Outdoor Recreation Pools

Austin Carroll Construction designs, builds and renovates community recreation and public pools throughout all of Canada.  Our services include recreation pools, community pools, and outdoor splash pads.

Public Swimming Pool Design

Public and community pools play an important role for local communities as they provide recreation, exercise, and entertainment for local residents.  Austin Carroll Pool Construction works through the design process with the unique needs of each community in mind.  As a result we are sure to be aware that the needs of one community will never be identical to the needs of another.  Thus we thus provide custom public pool design with features that are entirely up to you.  For example, many areas of Canada are warm throughout the summer and do not require heated community pools while other areas of Canada have much cooler summer weather and require heating.  We also work closely with local and municipal agencies to ensure all pool builds meet stick guidelines and adheres to all local bylaws.

Public Swimming Pool Construction

Austin Carroll Pool Construction provides public swimming pools (new or complete renovations) for towns and cities across Canada.  Our community pool construction include safety features, accessibility equipment and water play features such as slides, splash features, and waterfalls.  Our service does not end with the installation as we also provide comprehensive maintenance packages to ensure your community pool stays in top shape for many years.

Community and Public Pool Construction Canada

Recreation and Public Pool Solutions

Austin Carroll Pool Construction has been constructing public pools since 2003 and will provide solutions for your unique community’s needs.  Whether you are looking for an outdoor splash pad, aquatic recreation pool, or have a unique project and are unsure which direction to head, we will provide solutions to meet your needs.

Past Projects

Service Areas

We provide aquatic recreation and public pool construction to the following Provinces:  Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and the Yukon.