New Pools

New Community, Commercial,
and Public Pool Construction


Swimming pools can be a wonderful environment for recreation, health, competition, and social interaction. Today, pools are highly engineered systems that require proper planning, design, and installation. As a specialty commercial pool system contractor, we understand that every client is different and it is our mission to provide expert information and service to help you reach your facility’s goals. We offer a complete turnkey approach to our customers, from concept to installation, our team can assist you through the entire process.

Step 1 in the Renovation of Community Pools


The increased availability of technologies and amenities means you have options. Different pool systems offer different benefits and advantages, from construction timeline efficiencies to easier maintenance to reduced risk. Select from traditional construction and pre-manufactured systems. Our first-hand experience and unbiased loyalty to our clients play a valuable role when selecting what is best for swimmers

Step 2 in the Renovation of Community Pools


Positive relationships with all industry suppliers allows for multiple design and budget options. Our knowledge of pool usability, universal inclusivity, operations, and maintenance increase the success of aquatics facilities. Adding value to the planning process leads to higher quality facilities.

Step 3 in the Renovation Process for Community Pools


To ensure the highest quality finished product, we have made it our core strength to pair expert, highly trained staff with quality materials and processes. This is the foundation for the successful delivery of all pool systems. Our philosophies and corporate culture are centered around client and end user satisfaction.

What kind of pools do we build?

Austin Carroll Pool Construction is proud to offer a wide range of pool types to our clients. Options include:

  • Competition & Training Pools
  • Community & Leisure Pools
  • Thermal
  • Spa Pools
  • Hotel Pools
  • Resort Pools
  • Health & Wellness Pools
  • Therapy
  • Rehabilitation Pools
  • Waterpark Pools
  • Specialty Pools

*For more information on the Types of Pools we build please visit our Resources Page

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