Community and Public Pool Renovations

Community and Public Swimming Pool Renovations


If the performance and efficiency of your current pool system is lacking, a pool renovation or refurbishment may be your solution. Pool systems that are properly renovated, effectively start a new life cycle that can produce the same benefits as a newly constructed pool.

Pool renovations can be a complicated process, but with the help of Austin Carroll Pool Construction this process can become a seamless application. With our trusted experience in pool renovations and refurbishments we can collaborate with you to find the right solution to extend the life of your pool.

Step 1 in the Renovation of Community Pools


End of life cycle pool finishes, inefficient mechanical equipment, or the desire to increase programing options, are some of the reasons for a pool renovation or refurbishment. After a thorough investigation of the issues and open conversations to understand what your vision and expectations are, we will present you with different options.

Step 2 in the Renovation of Community Pools


Once we have the starting point, we can begin to bring new life to your pool. Whether the reason for the renovation was structural, mechanical, or aesthetics, our solutions will be designed and engineered to meet current code requirements and your future needs.

Step 3 in the Renovation Process for Community Pools


It is our goal to produce a product of the highest quality for our clients and their guests. In order to achieve this, we apply our extensive knowledge and experience in renovations and refurbishments with quality materials and processes. This combination results in a finished product that both client and guest will enjoy.

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